Legal advice

Legal advice allows you to get a detailed legal response with the study of documents to questions on any situations, including in the following areas:

Real estate transactions

  • how to start building and arrange a building,
  • how to divide property
  • how to get ownership of the property,
  • how to transfer real estate: donation / purchase-sale / testament, etc.,
  • how to change the purpose of a land plot, how to isolate and legally acquire a land plot,

Family disputes

  • how to make a marriage contract and what are the risks
  • how to dissolve the marriage and carry out the division of jointly acquired property in a voluntary or judicial process,
  • how to determine the order of communication with the child, the place of residence of the child,
  • how to recover child support
  • how to establish or dispute paternity (motherhood),
  • how to deny parental rights

Insurance disputes

  • how to get insurance compensation

Labor disputes

  • how to challenge the dismissal or recover from the employer wages

Social Security Issues

Pension disputes

Conclusion of contracts

  • what contract you need to make a deal,
  • what conditions to pay attention to and what risks to consider when signing the contract,
  • whether it is necessary to apply to the notary when drawing up the contract,

The prospect of going to court

Criminal proceedings

Consumer rights Protection

  • how to return the goods of inadequate quality,
  • how to return the goods of good quality.

Consultation will allow you

  • assess from a legal point of view the situation, taking into account the risks and the existing judicial and administrative practice,
  • understand the legal value of your documents,
  • determine which documents you need to complete a transaction or resolve a question,
  • find out which legal ways to resolve the situation exist and which of them are the most reliable and effective,
  • assess the prospects for litigation,
  • make a decision, having objective and relevant information, a legal opinion,
  • avoid legal errors and their negative consequences.

Consultation is carried out interpretably and in writing, with the study of all the submitted documents and detailed familiarization with the situation.

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