Advocate services in criminal cases

A criminal case requires a reliable defense counsel for both the suspect, the accused, and the victim.

The lawyer not only prepares the procedural documents, but also builds a line of defense, collects the necessary evidence, prepares the defendant for interrogations and speeches in court, carefully checks all case materials and monitors the legality of the investigator’s actions.

The head of the company, Ildar Nigmatullin, a member of the Bar of the Republic of Tatarstan, has 15 years of experience in criminal cases.

We protect and represent the interests of all participants in a criminal case:

  • suspect;
  • the accused;
  • defendant and convict;
  • the victim;
  • civil plaintiff;
  • civil defendant;
  • private prosecutor.

When defending a suspect / accused at the stage of preliminary investigation or inquiry, the lawyers of Yurkon LLC carry out:

  • Analysis of the case, consultation of the principal;
  • Building a line of defense and preparing for interrogations, other investigative actions;
  • Appealing a preventive measure;
  • Appealing illegal actions of an investigator;
  • Protection of the rights of the principal on investigative actions;
  • Initiation of expertise and research, investigative actions;
  • Visiting the convict in places of restraint and imprisonment;
  • Compilation of complaints, explanations, search for evidence and the involvement of witnesses.

When defending a suspect / accused person, the interests of the victim in court, the lawyers of Yurkon LLC carry out:

  1. Studying the case, counseling the principal and building a line of defense, preparing to speak in court;
  2. Preparation and filing with the court of the necessary applications, complaints and petitions;
  3. Visiting the convict in the remand prison (SIZO) and places of detention
  4. The defense of the principal in litigation
  5. Protection of the rights and interests of the principal in the appeal and cassation instances;
  6. Protecting the rights and interests of the principal in cases of private prosecution in a magistrate’s court. 

Conducting a criminal case requires special knowledge and experience, prompt reaction to any actions of the investigator and participants in the case, who are ready to provide you with lawyers of Yurkon LLC.

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