Family, children. Inheritance

Disputes between spouses, between parents and children affect both property issues and disagreements about the upbringing of children, their place of residence, communication with the children of a parent living separately, issues of divorce.

Inherited disputes are also usually closely related to family relationships and are very emotional.

These disputes are psychologically difficult and legally ambiguous.

But often lawyers manage to establish a dialogue between the spouses and resolve the conflict without bringing the dispute to trial.
In other cases, when the situation does not require a court decision, lawyers protect the rights and interests of the client in court: the divorce proceedings, disputes over children, the division of jointly acquired property.

Understanding the complexity and emotionality of family disputes, Yurkon specialists try to approach their resolution professionally, but with the utmost delicacy.

In the area of family law, the following services are provided:

  • Drawing up a marriage contract
  • Divorce (divorce)
  • Section of jointly acquired property in a voluntary and judicial manner
  • Determining the place of residence of the child
  • Determining the order of communication with the child
  • Recovery of child support
  • Recovery of maintenance for the maintenance of a spouse (during the period of disability, until the child reaches three years of age)
  • Establishing (challenging) paternity (maternity)
  • Deprivation of parental rights
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Recognition of family relationships

Inheritance cases, as a rule, are legally confused and complicated by the lack of necessary documents, errors in important documents, disputes over kinship, family conflicts.

And before committing any actions to register the inheritance or dispute the rights to it, it is necessary to study the family history in detail, analyze the available documents, identify all the risks and identify options for resolving the issue.

In the field of inheritance law lawyers of the company "Yurkon":

  • provide legal advice on inheritance cases
  • reinstate the time limit for accepting inheritance
  • resolve disputes over the determination of inheritance
  • make out the acceptance of inheritance and the proof of rights to inheritance
  • establish in court the fact of accepting an inheritance
  • establish in court the fact of kinship in order to accept inheritance (when it is impossible to recover documents confirming the relationship)
  • recognize testament invalid
  • conduct a hereditary case with a notary - collect and prepare documents necessary for accepting an inheritance, obtaining a certificate of inheritance, registration of ownership of the inheritance.

Recovery of alimonyis an issue that can be resolved by compiling a voluntary agreement on the payment of alimony, but often requires going to court and determining the amount of alimony and the procedure for their payment. An experienced lawyer who specializes in family matters will not insist on collecting alimony through the courts until he is convinced that an agreement between the parents cannot be reached. 

Recovery of alimony through the court- is an extreme measure to protect your rights. 

Alimony can also be collected on the content

  • disabled spouses;
  • disabled and needing parents;
  • (wives) during pregnancy and for 3 years after giving birth to a common child;
  • a spouse in need of caring for a common disabled child before he reaches 18 years of age or for a common child with a disability from group 1 since childhood;
  • disabled and minor sisters and brothers;
  • grandparents if they do not receive help from their able-bodied children or spouse.

We offer the following services:

  • legal consultation;
  • drafting an agreement on the payment of alimony;
  • drawing up a claim (or an application for issuing a court order) and filing documents with the court;
  • preparation and collection of necessary evidence;
  • representation of interests in court sessions;
  • appeal against a court decision;
  • assistance in the execution of the court decision.


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