Representative in court, lawyer services

Advocates and lawyers of Yurkon LLC protect your rights in court and provide professional legal assistance in resolving disputes in any area of life and business:

  • Property disputes
  • Consumer rights Protection
  • Insurance disputes: disputes on OSAGO - receiving insurance payment, underestimated damage assessment - understating the size of payments, refusals to pay
  • Disputes on accidents: determining the culprit
  • Debt collection
  • Labor disputes: reinstatement, recovery of salary, recognition of labor relations
  • Disputes from contracts
  • Tax Disputes
  • Medical services disputes
  • Hereditary disputes
  • and etc.

When representing the interests of a client in legal disputes, lawyers of Yurkon LLC:

  1. assess the prospects for litigation;
  2. they analyze the situation taking into account legislative regulation and current judicial practice, inform the client about the outcomes of the case;
  3. negotiate and try to resolve the dispute in a pretrial order with minimal cost;
  4. they make a claim or a response, collect evidence and prepare a package of documents necessary for substantiating their position and going to court;
  5. protect the rights and interests of the client in all judicial instances, prepare appeal, cassation, supervisory complaints, or reviews of them, as well as all the necessary documents;
  6. assist in the recovery of court costs;
  7. accompany the execution of the court decision.

In litigation is important

  • detailed case study
  • accounting of the established judicial practice,
  • presentation of all possible evidence
  • preparation of claims and reviews with detailed legal justification of the position,
  • competent answers to questions of the court and the opponent

- this will be provided by lawyers of Yurkon LLC, who have successful and diverse experience in litigation.

The company "Yurkon" employs highly qualified lawyers and attorneys who have extensive experience in resolving disputes and protecting the rights of the client in the courts.

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