Real estate

Real estate is a costly and complicated legal object.
When buying, renting, section of real estateis required to carefully examine its history, check the legality of the transaction, the presence of encumbrances and restrictions on the use of this property.

Without possessing special knowledge and practical experience, one can make mistakes entailing serious, far-reaching consequences, or simply be deceived by fraudsters.
The company "Yurkon" offers legal services for registration of transactions with real estate and dispute resolution.
Sometimes, consulting a lawyer is enough to solve a problem; in more complicated situations, legal support of a transaction or protection of one’s rights in court is required.

In real estate, we:

  • provide legal advice on real estate
  • carry out legal expertise of initial documents for registration of a real estate transaction
  • prepare contracts for the sale of real estate, as well as renting, exchanging, donating, hiring, etc. for state registration
  • accompany real estate transactions: we arrange the purchase and sale, exchange, donation, encumbrance (pledge)
  • reveal encumbrances, restrictions in the use of real estate (liens, arrests, servitudes)
  • establish servitudes and make out pledges
  • prepare acts of acceptance of the transfer of real estate, receipts, certificates, etc.
  • register ownership
  • make out redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises of the house
  • resolve disputes about check-in and check-out
  • resolve disputes over the inheritance of real estate and division of shared ownership
  • dispute illegal decisions of officials of state and municipal bodies
  • make out the privatization of apartments
  • legalize unauthorized buildings
  • deal with land disputes
  • resolve property disputes
  • protect the interests of the client in cadastral disputes
  • we are in housing disputes
  • protect the rights of real estate investors in disputes with developers
  • we execute lease agreements and win rental disputes

How to make a property land and buildings?

How to rent or take a room with minimal risk?

How to change the type of permitted use and the category of land, for example, to transfer it from agriculture to individual housing construction?

How to make a land survey?

How to divide the apartment and determine the order of its use?

How to eliminate obstacles to the use of land?

We will answer these questions and

  • carry out a legal analysis of the situation and advise;
  • prepare the necessary documents: contracts, requests, statements of claim;
  • represent interests in state and municipal bodies;
  • protect rights in court;
  • appeal the court decision.

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