Enforcement proceedings

Achievement of a claim in court and obtaining a writ of execution is half the success, lawyers of Yurkon LLC do not abandon clients one-on-one with the Bailiff Service and accompany the execution of a court decision both with the initiation of enforcement proceedings in the FSSP and using other tools provided by law .

Lawyers "Yurkon" LLC:

  • build a strategy, as well as actions aimed at establishing the composition of the property of the debtor, ensuring control over the actions of the bailiff - the executive.
  • assess the prospects for the execution of a court decision;
  • they analyze the situation taking into account the legislative regulation and the established judicial practice, they inform the client about the options for the outcome of the execution;
  • negotiate and try to execute the decision without resorting to bailiffs;
  • make the necessary statements, complaints, collect the necessary documents;
  • protect the rights and interests of the client in the bailiff service;
  • control the terms of enforcement proceedings, the timing of the execution of enforcement actions;
  • check the legality and validity of the issued actsand the validity of the actions of the bailiff;
  • in case of inaction or detection of violations in the work of the bailiff- the executor, take the necessary measures to effectively influence the officers of the bailiff service in order to fulfill the requirements of the executive document as quickly as possible;
  • dispute illegally discontinued (completed) enforcement proceedings, appeal against unlawful actions of the bailiff service.

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