State authorities. Municipality

  • Traffic police,
  • Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr),
  • Roskadastr (Federal Cadastral Chamber),
  • BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory),
  • The Federal Migration Service,
  • City Executive Committee, City or District Administration,
  • Federal Customs Service,
  • The Federal Tax Service,
  • Pension Fund,
  • Health Insurance Fund
  • Social Security Fund

- state and municipal bodies, social institutions that everyone faces and it is not always possible to solve the interesting question.

Attracting a lawyer will help to correctly compile the necessary documents, in a short time to comply with the formalities and defend their rights and interests.

In protecting the interests of the client in disputes with state and municipal authorities, we

  • study the controversial situation, offer the client options for resolving the dispute and report on the prospects for the trial of the case; 
  • recognize as illegal decisions, actions or inaction of state and local government bodies; 
  • recognize as illegal acts (decisions, resolutions, instructions, refusals) of state and municipal bodies; 
  • appeal decisions to prosecute (fines imposed, restrictions on activities, etc.). 

Lawyers LLC "Yurkon" 

  1. represent the interests of the client in state and municipal bodies in the preparation of documents and the resolution of issues arising in the activities of the company;
  2. create fruitful, open and honest cooperation between the client and state and municipal authorities for lawful and effective interaction to achieve the goals of the client while respecting public interests;
  3. defend the interests of the client when the state and municipal authorities conduct investigations into the fact of an offense committed by the client;
  4. accompany cases concerning a client, administratively considered by courts of general jurisdiction and administrative matters;
  5. accompany litigation with state and municipal authorities.

We have a wide experience of interaction, management of administrative affairs, disputes with state and municipal bodies.

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