Signing an agreement means accepting all the conditions specified in it. 

However, a number of conditions may be implied by statutory provisions. 

Properly drafted contract will allow 

  1. to protect their interests at the beginning of a relationship, when both parties have an interest in concluding it and are ready to negotiate - which is easier and more effective than resolving a conflict, having already signed an agreement and spent force, money and time.
  2. allow you to lay down the conditionsthat are of interest to the client and to avoid penalties, fines, recognition of the contract as incomplete or invalid.
  3. to provide for the pre-trial procedure for the application of sanctions and the resolution of disputes.

Legal analysis of the contractwill allow to avoid disagreements on the interpretation of certain conditions, to take into account the specifics of a particular transaction and the parties to the contract, to evaluate the possible risks and consequences of non-performance of the contract.

Acquaintance with the constituent and other documents of the counterparty, information from open sources of information - the tax service website, the websites of the judiciary, other state bodies will allow to assess the integrity and reliability of the counterparty, to avoid claims from the state and municipal bodies.

Support of transactions - protection of the rights and interests of the client at all stages of a contract: lawyers check documents, participate in negotiations, give legal advice, draw up the necessary documents and are present when signing the contract.

When conducting contractual work, the specialists of Yurkon LLC provide the following services:

  • creation of contracts taking into account the interests and goals of the client, including contracts of sale, contract, loan, barter, donation and others;
  • participation in the negotiations at the conclusion of the contract,
  • creation and analysis of preliminary contracts;
  • analysis of counterparty documents;
  • analysis of the rights and obligations of the client under the contract, assessment of the compliance of the contract with the goals and interests of the client;
  • drawing up contracts and negotiating conditions with counterparties;
  • legal support of the conclusion of contracts (stage of signing);
  • claim work - pre-trial settlement of disputes in connection with the failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under contracts;
  • representation of interests and protection of the principal in legal disputes in connection with non-performance or improper execution of contracts.

We develop, analyze and accompany the signing of all types of contracts, including:

  • supply and sale contracts;
  • real estate transactions, including buildings, structures, land plots;
  • business acquisition agreements;
  • construction contracts;
  • contracts for the provision of services and performance of work;
  • loan agreements, credit agreements;
  • contracts of mortgage and pledge of movable property;
  • rental agreements;
  • commission agreements, commissions and agency services.

Each of these types of contracts has its own characteristics.

The client receives a detailed contract, taking into account its specifics or a draft of changes, a protocol of disagreements to the contract proposed by the client’s counterparty, concluding on the risks inherent in the current draft contract.

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