Complex legal service of business

Any business needs qualified legal support.

Full-time lawyers of general competence cannot always cope with the tasks arising in the conduct of business, and the involvement of narrow specialization lawyers to solve specific legal problems is an expensive and not always advisable solution.

We offer a comprehensive legal service for your business, regardless of the type of activity, and we guarantee the resolution of any legal issues - support of transactions, analysis of contracts, claim handling, protection of interests in court.

With complex legal services, you get professional legal services of qualified specialists with experience and knowledge of the subtleties and peculiarities of this or another area of law.

Western experience has shown the convenience and cost-effectiveness of external legal services. For decades, companies in the USA and Europe have been outsourcing legal services, from consulting to full support. It is profitable, effective, allows to anticipate the consequences of large transactions before their conclusion and before the conflict of the parties.

Comprehensive legal services include:

  • conducting a legal audit of a business
  • legal advice
  • drafting and legal analysis of contracts
  • support of transactions and commercial projects
  • claim handling
  • representing clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction in all instances and at all stages of the judicial process
  • representation in state and municipal bodies

Subscription service

  1. development and legal analysis of contracts, agreements and other documents;
  2. interpretation and written counseling (in the form of brief legal opinions and analytical notes) on issues arising in the process of the company's financial and business activities;
  3. legal support of the Customer’s labor relations, development and examination of local regulations of the Customer;
  4. conducting, together with representatives and / or on behalf of the customer, negotiations with the customer’s counterparties;
  5. representing the interests of customers in cooperation with state bodies (including, but not limited to, with tax, law enforcement and other controlling state agencies);
  6. participation and documentation of the Customer’s corporate procedures (general meetings of shareholders (participants), meetings of the Board of Directors); 
  7. consultations on personnel records management, including personnel outsourcing.

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