Sunrise Capital LLC has been a client of Yurkon LLC since 2013.
From that year till now, our organizations have close cooperation.

Since 2013, our company has been building a unique multifunctional residential complex of Sunrise City, during which we faced many legal challenges, and they were successfully solved by Yurkon:

important litigations with the Executive Committee of the city were won on challenging the legality of owning a land plot, on challenging an increase in rental payments due to the use of the tax rate for a land plot with a different type of permitted use; 
land surveying and registration of land rights; 
the project was protected and an investment agreement was developed for the reconstruction of the bridge with the Executive Committee of the city; 
open and honest cooperation has been established with the city authorities, control and supervisory bodies, the State Labor Inspectorate in the Republic of Tatarstan;

the rights and interests of the organization in labor disputes and criminal matters are protected; a contractual work system was established, drafts of a number of contracts were developed, the effectiveness of which was evaluated by us when communicating with counterparties. 
Throughout the entire period of cooperation, we are regularly provided with consulting services on issues of law, taxation, enterprise management, strategic planning of the enterprise’s activities. Consultations are distinguished by clarity and in-depth study of the issue. 
We see Yurkon as a reliable and conscientious business partner who has justified the trust of our Company. Thank you for your cooperation.

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